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Corporate training programs improve retention and performance, as well as build the skills today’s employees need to thrive in the workplace. However, they are time consuming to create. Hire Lauran Star to generate and implement progressive programs that will have a lasting effect.

LS Consultants are thought-leaders in their field – Leadership, Human Resource Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Sales, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics, Project Management and Conflict Management. We understand what challenges are facing you in today’s business world. Not surprising, our trainers hold a Master’s degree or higher and have demonstrated excellence in content development and presentation. As certified speaking professionals and trainers, we know how to grab the attention of the learner and create solutions that work. Every program is custom-crafted with your employee, industry and organizational needs in mind. All courses are prepared with your goals and employees as the focus.

Every program is uniquely customized to Your organization and Industry. 


All employee training materials are provided as well as retention materials so the learning and application will continue long after the program.

Specializing in 5 Training Arenas 

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Diversity & Inclusion Training 

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A safe, inclusive workplace in many jurisdictions is not just the law; it is a goal of every employee and company that values the contributions, well-being, and productivity of everyone in the organization.

This transgender inclusion program introduces the importance and elements of safe, inclusive workspace for transgender persons. The goal of this program is to help employees understand the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, increase understanding of transgender people, explore biases and misconceptions, and how to identify and implement elements to support a safe, inclusive workplace.

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Great teams do not just “happen.” Their success is a combination of team-effectiveness, cohesiveness, and the manager’s ability to properly lead and manage the team, with a strong focus on people-issues.

This advanced team program will empower workplace leaders to take their teams to the next level. The goal  will be a leader who employs practical, tested techniques that develop trust and rapport, who is able to push their team forward, beyond average engagement levels and into superior performance results. We have included advanced sessions on dealing with conflict and understanding how action planning and analysis will help teams to achieve better results.

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Image what you could do and where you could go if you understood your own personality traits as well as those around you? In a nut shell – you would BUILD MORE EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS and BETTER TEAMS both at work and at home.

This program utilizes the Disc assessment on personalities.  There are 4 dominate personalities, and while we tend to have a multitude of facets in our own personality, we do have a dominate style.  Taking this further we examine how our personality affects those around us as well as how we are perceived.

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Our culture defines many aspects of how we think, feel, and act. It can be challenging for managers to bridge cultural differences and bring employees together into a functioning team.

This program will give supervisors and managers easy-to-use techniques for communicating across cultures, building teams, promoting multiculturalism in the organization, and leveraging the global talent pool. Utilizing Cultural Emotional Intelligence, Culture Toolkit utilizes both training and sensitivity theory to provide your organization with the best inclusion-sensitivity training with proven retention results. 

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Internal Coaching is one of the top business tools that has demonstrated its value in driving organizational performance. Organizations are turning to human resource professionals, management and leadership to take the lead and create a coaching culture for their employees.  

This is a comprehensive coaching workshop, with ongoing support via group phone calls, emails, and one-on-one coaching, geared to guide you through what coaching is, and to help you apply this powerful tool in your workplace. At the end of the program you will receive Coaching Certification through LS Consulting Group, which is in alignment with SHRM. 

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Do you struggle with Conflict Management or Difficult Conversations? You are not alone, as human nature does not like conflict, thus we only pay attention when it rears its ugly head. 

Conflict Resolution Toolkit is a unique program focused on moving beyond just managing the conflict. Conflict resolution and positive negotiation skills are learnable. Utilizing both conflict personalities, conflict styles and negotiation skills; this program is 100% customizable to your needs.

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Just when you think the workplace has adjusted to Millennial's, Generation Z is entering the workplace. Companies can have five generations working together and it can be a minefield. 

This program will have you laughing and gaining useful insight as this program examines boomers to Generation Z; what make them great, what shaped them, where they struggle and how to effectively engage and communicate. Your employees will come away with a better understanding of what makes each generation tick, our commonalities, how-to better coach/mentor, improved communicate and foster lasting relationships.

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The Return from COVID-19:  A New Business World. Is your workforce ready to return to work?  Do you understand what your clients will need in terms of support? Have your teams already established themselves as an asset? Is there a strategic plan for success in place?  Are they motivated?

We have created The 5 R’s ©  as a tool to help your workforce transition back. If focused on building better relationships with their clients while strategically planning success actions.  Building upon what your team already has establishes with their clients  it allows them to re-imagine how to be a partner with their clients.

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We make decisions and solve problems continually.  Despite all the natural decision making that goes on and the problem solving we do, some people are very uncomfortable with having to make decisions.

This program will have your employees, through a series of exercises, will apply problem-solving steps and tools, analyzing information to clearly describe problems, selecting the best approach for making decisions, creating a plan for implementing, evaluating, and following up on decisions, and how to avoid common decision-making mistakes.


What Our Training and Development Clients Have To Say...

This is the fifth program LS Consulting has done for our management team.  We keep having them back because

they are that good. Lauran does D&I like no other! She has no issue calling the elephant out of the room gracefully. 


This program does not disappoint. I get it, I can see from their perspective and understand the bigger picture.  Not only that I now can communicate with each generation and have already seen the fruit of  my labor.


We are all so glad to have you all in our corner!


 J. Brimmer

Boston Based Healthcare

They are Here! Generational Z

 Creating a Multi–Generational Inclusive Workplace

The dynamics of your workplace is changing.  This Program is so timely and important! It is a difficult area to discuss as we are concerned about offending.

Lauran Star creates a safe place for us all to learn. She understands the discomfort around certain topics—making uncomfortable conversations feel normal and not judged.  More to the point she helps us all gain correct informative/ knowledge. The content is impressive and the retention materials keep on coming.


This program helped me too better understand, communicate and build amazing work with my counter parts and clients. 


Transgender Inclusion  is a must have  program in 2020 and 2021.


K. Kerns


Gender Identity:

Creating an Inclusive Work Community

I am not a fan of sensitivity training until now. Before it was a check the box however this program provide more insight and solutions to build a bridge among my peers.  Culture is everywhere and understanding the differences will make a large impact on how we do business.


This program is filled with cultural information around the workplace and interactions. LS  was amazing and able to make the training specific to our company and its needs. She focused on specific cultures that we are working with as well as peers.  I walked away with a much better understanding and realized we are more alike than different!


Great Stuff!


C. Colon

Bard Institute


Culture Toolkit

Building Better Client and Co-worker Relationships

and Organizational Culture