Developing Today’s Workplace for Tomorrow’s Challenges!




​Organizational development and initiatives go beyond training. It is the comprehensive strategic focus on the business model you employ, and strengthening the organizational structure for tomorrow’s management, that drives today’s business growth and opportunities. The positive result is an instrumental tool for organizations to create and prepare today’s employees and leaders for tomorrow’s organizational challenges.


Benefits of Organizational Development and Initiatives:

  • Increased Productivity and Profitability

  • Increased client and employee Attraction & Retention

  • Strategic Thinking/Problem Solving

  • Talent Development/ Succession Planning

  • Improved Diversity and Inclusion


Here is how we work with you:

Depending upon your needs, one of our highly skilled consultants will spend, on average, 2-3 days compiling an organizational assessment and strategy. We focus on what you already have in place for development and then augment based on your needs. We offer a variety of assessments, coaching work, and GAP analysis on where your company requires attention. The result is customized initiatives that increase performance and improve your organizational culture.


Initiatives Include:

  • Uncovering/ diagnosing organizational issues

  • Planned individual or group interventions

  • Team building

  • Creating new workplace paradigms and policy

  • Strategic planning

  • Planning change and its management

  • Organizational culture shifts


​From workplace diversity to organizational culture

 we will create solutions that your organization will embrace.

Initiatives and Development

Successful Work Team

It is more than initiatives and development...

It comes down to applications that work.


  • ​Moving from Diversity to Inclusion: Improving workplace diversity goes beyond hiring. We need to create a workforce that is “us-focused” instead of an “us versus them” atmosphere.

  • Organizational Culture: How do you define yours, and is it healthy? Your culture attracts your employees.

  • Specialized Training: Ethics, Diversity/Inclusion, Workplace Harassment, Performance Coaching and more.

  • Attraction and Retention: Do your employees “fit” your organizational culture? Are you hiring the right fit?

  • Emotional Intelligence: This is responsible for 80% of your success. Where do you need to develop?

  • Coaching and Mentoring​: Develop and improve your employees faster.

  • Management & Leadership Skills Development: Do you know where you need to work, or what skills you can mentor others on?

  • ​Creating a Leadership Training Program: No one program is alike, as your organization vastly differs from others. We will create a plan to increase retention and develop the best leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Succession Planning: Where are you going? Where are your leaders moving? What is next? Who will take your place?


Discover concrete results so you can develop your

leaders faster with clear results, today.

We offer a full spectrum of Assessments by Certified Consultants who understand what the results mean to you and the organization.


  • Full Spectrum of DiSC®

  • California Psychological Index (CPI)

  • Strong Interest Inventory

  • Emotional Intelligence Proficiency (SEIP®)

  • FIRO Leadership®

  • Myers Briggs (MBTI®)

  • Conflict Management (TKI®, MBTI®, FIRO®)

  • Strength Finders®



All assessments are available in both the individual and 360 format.