Leadership/Management Pathways 

We take developmental training to a whole new level thus exceeding your needs.

Did you know, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2020, 75% of employees that leave their job (turnover) is due to leadership and management?

Today’s leaders and managers are dealing with rapid changes within the organization, their employees and current market trends. However according to SHRM, organizations tend to overlook or struggle to develop the right program thus costing them talent, productivity, and job satisfaction. Furthermore, leadership/management development is fundamental to long-term organizational success.

At LS Consulting Group we have proven pathways to help you develop your leadership and management teams. LS-Leadership/Management Pathway (LS-LMP) is a systematic and strategic development program that focuses on your organizations leaders and management needs. 


Some of the Benefits from LS-LMP

  • Overall Increase productivity and retention

  • Develop future managers and leaders

  • Improved employee and team engagement

  • Implement an effective conflict, decisions, negotiation, problem solving

  • Defining management and leadership styles

  • Create a bridge across the organization

  • Manage stress, build resiliency, and improve organizational networking

and more...

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