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Beyond Human Resource Support…We are Your Partner with a Focus on You.

Human resource specialists wear many hats in today’s business world. You are problem-solvers and solution-makers for a variety of objectives. From managing and coaching to development, you are the heart of the organization. You are in everyone’s corner, focused on optimizing employee performance.

At LS Consulting, we understand both the needs and demands that are facing you every day. We work on-site, or utilize technology, to customize your HR solutions. We start with a phone call followed by a face-to-face meeting. From there, assessments and surveys are created (unless you already know where your company needs to focus). In our process, we partner with you to deliver excellence.

Employee turnover is EXPENSIVE. On average, businesses will pay (or lose) a percentage of the employee’s salary: 40% for entry-level, 150% for middle-level, and up to 400% for specialized high-level positions (SHRM, 2019). 

Retention is the goal, job satisfaction is the key. You get exactly that kind of focus when you work with LS Consultants.  It is a team approach with impressive outcomes. 

Partnering with LS Consulting is a game changer. They have a team of HR experts that really work with you.  From Lauran Star—the  ODP with a focus on vision, strategic passion and training enthusiasm - Gina Abudi who excels at project management, change management and executive coaching  to Sandra Froman with has a gift with on-boarding and business ethics.  This is an HR dream team in your corner!


During COVID-19—they never left our side. They assisted from furlough to rehiring of employees, virtual training and keeping us all grounded.


We are blessed to have this amazing group withing with us!

J. Cohen


Attracting and Retaining


The first step is hiring the right person for the position. Next, we create onboarding and retention programs so you keep the talent you hire. This will save you headaches and money. LS Consulting focuses on being there well after the new hire has started, ensuring the fit and training.

Specializing in:

  • Creating Job Descriptions

  • Job Analysis

  • Full-Spectrum Recruitment

  • Career Pathways and Growth

  • Searching and Hiring

  • Compensation Models

Performance Management

Outstanding performance does not just happen, it is honed and developed. Data demonstrates employees who have positive performance management are healthier, have a positive outlook, and are happier in their job.

Specializing in:

  • Performance Assessments

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Skills Inventory

  • Feedback

  • Goals Attainment

  • Training

Organizational Development


From change management to succession planning, having a strategic OD on your team will help your business thrive. Our goal is to help your business adapt and change to the current market, thus making you a leader in your industry.


Specializing in:

  • Succession Planning

  • Change Agents

  • Leadership

  • Full Spectrum of Organizational Assessments

  • Diversity and Inclusion  

We are in your corner.

STRONG Inventory

California Psychological Inventory

Partial Client List:

Industry Specialization: STEM & F, Healthcare, Pharma/Bio/Medical Device, 

Manufacturing, Government