Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion & Equity 

The Inclusion Paradigm™ 

Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture


This unique model provides a clear pathway for creating an inclusive organizational culture with your outcome in mind. A scaffolding of steps that have been strategically layered resulting in sustainable success. Also recommend are inclusion initiatives that have proven to have the desired impact driving inclusion within the organization.


Based on research (workplace culture, diversity, equity & inclusion) followed by real world application with measured results; The Inclusion Paradigm is a customizable tool unique to your organizational needs.


Let us partner with your leadership team to help you drive organizational inclusion and success.


Philosophy on Inclusion & Equity Resulting in Diversity:

Inclusion must be part of the organization’s strategic platform and culture.  Inclusion drives   Equity leading to Diversity; therefore, leadership must make a commitment to embrace inclusion.  Sustainable inclusion is  built on inter departmental partnerships within the organization. Strategic plans should be based on research and proven results rather than guess work. In the end an Inclusive Organizational Culture will drive employee attraction, retention, performance, equity, leading to diversity.

Diversity training is a strategic learning tool.

What inclusion looks like:

  • There is a level playing field for all

  • The decision-making process is inclusive not exclusive

  • Employees feel comfortable and safe to share concerns/ issues

  • Employees feel part of the community

  • Diverse supply chain/ customers

  • The workplace is a Safe Space


Measuring the Inclusion Effectiveness 

  • Shift in employee demographics & retention rates

  • Decrease sick days

  • Increased production thru performance reviews  

  • Data driven Initiatives

  • Employee Inclusion Survey

  • Other based on specific goals

Business case for a Diversity & Inclusion 


Inclusive Companies

  • Demonstrate 1.7 times more innovative / creativity / problem-solving

  • Indicate over 1.4 times increase in revenue

  • Are 120% more likely to hit financial goals

  • Find 57% of employees believe their companies should improve

  • See a 15-fold increase in sales revenue

  • Established an increase of 2.3 times in cash flow per employee

 Inclusive Workplace

  • 78% of employees see D&I as offering a competitive advantage

  • 70% of executives argue D&I as an important facet / focus for business

  • 85% of CEO’s with strong inclusive cultures notice increased profits

  • 87% better at making decisions, innovation, problem solving

  • 67% of jobseekers search out inclusive companies 

  • Inclusive boards see an increase of 43% higher profits

Industry Specialization: STEM & F, Healthcare, Pharma/Bio/Medical Device, 

Manufacturing, Government  

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