Taking the guess work out of Inclusion & Equity resulting in improved Diversity by partnering with your leadership team to help you drive organizational inclusion and success.

With the rapidly changing workforce, creating a sustainable organizational inclusive culture today is imperative for organizational success. An inclusive workplace culture creates an organization of ‘us’ and attracts, retains, and improves overall job performance. However, many organizations are unsure where to start and may not have the expertise to drive such change.

We are in your corner.

Known for knowledge and success focused on Inclusion, Equity & Diversity — Lauran Star partner with you. Holding a Ph.D. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, and one of the first to hold a Specialization in Inclusion, Diversity and Change, I understand the challenges your organization may face. My background allowed me the research and application of The Inclusion Paradigm™ to positively impact several organizational partners with metric defined goals. Those results include strategically attracting and retaining diverse employees, improved employee engagement, equity advancements and promotions, increased innovation and performance, and overall job satisfaction.

LS Consulting Group also offer customized pathways for leadership, management and career development, strategic planning, coaching, and organizational development initiatives. Our goal is to help you create the organizational culture that will attract and retain a workforce that will thrive in any business climate.

Lauran Star's Philosophy on Inclusion & Equity Resulting in Diversity:

The path to inclusion is not linear and is a partnership within the organization. It touches every department and employee therefore; inclusion must be part of the organization’s strategic platform. Strategic planning should be based on research and proven results rather than guess work.  Inclusion is an integral part of diversity as inclusion helps to create organizational equity.  An Inclusive Organizational Culture will drive employee attraction, retention, performance, and equity, leading to diversity.  

Diversity training is a strategic learning tool.

Inclusive Companies

  • Demonstrate 1.7 times more innovative / creativity / problem-solving

  • Indicate over 1.4 times increase in revenue

  • Are 120% more likely to hit financial goals

  • Find 57% of employees believe their companies should improve

  • See a 15-fold increase in sales revenue

  • Established an increase of 2.3 times in cash flow per employee

What inclusion looks like

  • There is a level playing field for all

  • The decision-making process is inclusive not exclusive

  • Employees feel comfortable and safe to share concerns/ issues

  • Employees feel part of the community

  • Diverse supply chain/ customers

  • The workplace is a Safe Space

Measuring the Inclusion Effectiveness 

  • Shift in employee demographics & retention rates

  • Decrease sick days

  • Increased production thru performance reviews  

  • Data driven Initiatives

  • Employee Inclusion Survey

  • Other based on specific goals

Inclusive Workplace

  • 78% of employees see D&I as offering a competitive advantage

  • 70% of executives argue D&I as an important facet / focus for business

  • 85% of CEO’s with strong inclusive cultures notice increased profits

  • 87% better at making decisions, innovation, problem solving

  • 67% of jobseekers search out inclusive companies 

  • Inclusive boards see an increase of 43% higher profits

The Inclusion Paradigm™ 

Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture


This unique model provides a clear pathway for creating an inclusive organizational culture with your outcome in mind. An innovative scaffolding of steps that have been strategically layered resulting in sustainable success. Also recommend are inclusion initiatives that have proven to have the desired impact driving inclusion within the organization. 


Based on research (workplace culture, diversity, equity & inclusion) followed by real world application with measured results; The Inclusion Paradigm is a customizable tool unique to your organizational needs.


Let us partner with your leadership team to help you drive organizational inclusion and success.


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From Our Clients 



What Our Clients Have to Say  

Working with Lauran Star has been amazing. She has the inclusion & diversity understanding, business knowledge and emotional intelligence skills that are needed to drive organizational inclusion change. Creating our I&D division, she is a true partner, working with us on every step and hearing our concerns and goals. We are a stronger and more inclusive organizations because of her and are enjoying the benefits.  Hands down the best I&D provider!

-William Allen, Vice President, Information Technology 

A fresh approach that works! No more guesswork as the Inclusion Paradigm™ is masterful.  Lauran Star’s experience also shines a light where others have missed as she has a toolbox full of initiatives that are proven to work – and do.  We have improved our culture leading to attracting and retaining amazing talent.  Inclusion is the 1st step in diversity – Thank you Lauran Star.

-Keith Vincent, CEO, STEM  

Finally! We have been at the diversity wall for several years with limited success.  Lauran understands and delivers. She knew our pain and had solutions that were specific to our needs. Today our culture has strategically shifted to inclusion and we are more diverse than ever.  The focus on Inclusion + Equity absolutely drives Diversity.

Robyn Cannon, Chief People Officer, Manufacturing

The lack of inclusion is expensive - Bring Lauran Star in today . You will start seeing the benefits almost immediately however know inclusion is a culture shift and will always need attention. 

- Michale Vale, Senior Leadership, Manufacturing 

 Manufacturing Company

Results from the Inclusion Paradigm™ with Lauran Star improved:

  • Diversity from 2% to 18% by attracting interns out of state (project managers)

  • Retention went from 89% to 97% due to culture shift

  • Job satisfaction went from 82% to 94%

  • Advancement for diverse employees increased from 4% to 14%

 Manufacturing Company

Contracting with Lauran Star

  • Improved our attraction & retention of women & people of color by 22%

  • Introducing the Inclusion Paradigm™ Leadership Scorecard, we demonstrated and increase in team performance by 12%

  • Improved our employee engagement score by 19%

  • Have an inclusive organizational culture

 Technology Firm 

Star’s Inclusion Paradigm™

  • Increased Latinx hires by 27%

  • Increased Women attraction and retention by 14%

  • Improved our client satisfaction score by 18%

  • Integrated our CSR programs and improved our community relations by 17%

 Technology Firm 

Results from the Inclusion Paradigm™ with Lauran Star improved:

  • Employee Engagement score from 72 to 95

  • Retention rates from 81% to 96%

  • Gender ratio to a 63% ratio mix

  • Conflict management, problem solving and innovation

Industry Specialization: STEM & F, Healthcare, Pharma/Bio/Medical Device, 

Manufacturing, Government