Creating workforce's that adapt and thrive in any economy

Today organizations must adapt to the rapidly changing economy and business workspace. Now more than ever the need to attract, retain, manage, develop and coach an inclusive workforce is critical to organizational success. The demand shapes the organizational culture and maximizes productivity and profitability.  However, many businesses are unsure where to start and may not have the expertise to drive such transitions an.

At LS Consulting, we partner with you and your organization. We offer customized pathways for leadership, management and career development, strategic planning and coaching, and organizational development initiatives. We have a long history of stepping into internal roles to develop Inclusion teams and training departments with sustainable results.  


Our goal is to help you create the organizational culture that will attract and retain a workforce that will adapt and thrive in any economy. With over 20 years of strategic planning and organizational development expertise, our consultants are in your corner.

Allow us to assist you creating the organizational culture that stands out. Creating your workforce that will adapt and thrive in any economy

Where We Partner 

Industry Specialization: STEM &F, Healthcare, Pharma/Bio/Medical Device, 

Manufacturing, Government  

What Our Clients Have To Say...

Workplace Coach Training with Lauran Star was amazing. The workshop flew by, but I know I have her in my corner. Already I am seeing a difference, from problem solving to coaching solutions. We are bringing her back to train management next.
– J.Lyons, SHRM, NEHRA

Lauran has become part of our workforce family. She created a workplace inclusion program that both my staff and clients benefit from. Brought her back for conflict and communication management.  She truly is my partner in success!


– K. Stratford NEHRA


Diversity separates us... inclusion creates unity. So well said, Lauran!

If you're looking to attract and retain women or the next generation – look no more. LS will help you create a solid plan that will work today. 


– S. Roundont SHRM


Partial Client List:

Industry Specialization: STEM & F, Healthcare, Pharma/Bio/Medical Device, 

Manufacturing, Government  

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Lauran Star


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